Watch The “Blacklisted” M.I.A. Documentary Trailer

Film director and M.I.A. collaborator Steven Loveridge took to Tumblr to post a teaser trailer for a documentary about the artist that has been put on hold, apparently, due to funding issues. M.I.A.’s labels had the trailer removed from YouTube within hours, citing legal and financial problems holding up completion of the film. The trailer has been archived by blogger D.Dot Omen and features footage of M.I.A.’s family, performances, and news clips, as well as interviews with XL’s Richard Russell, Kanye West, and British producer Switch (formerly of Major Lazer). No update on either end on any new status of the film, aside from Loveridge saying he’d, “rather die than work on [it].” M.I.A. has suggested a Kickstarter, as the project has been “black listed through normal channels.” Watch the trailer below.

(via DDotOmen)