Kanye West – “Black Skinhead” Video

UPDATE: Kanye West has taken to Twitter to confirm that below is not the official video for “Black Skinhead.” The final version should be released soon.

While Jay-Z was busy chatting with all his friends on Twitter, Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” seems to have mysteriously popped up on the Internet. I saw this RT’d by a Knicks blogger that I follow and was uncertain whether this was the real deal or not because it has seriously just materialized out of the ether. The black hoods and snarling dogs imagery were part of West’s performance at Governors Ball, but there’s something about that animated Kanye, trudging around like he’s leading a hardcore band, that doesn’t sit right with me. It looks extremely expensive and yet sorta-kinda really cheesy. Have we been “Get Lucky”ed? Were we not supposed to see this yet? At the Yeezus listening, he told us he didn’t like the idea of having his videos associated with other artist’s videos, so perhaps this is why he chose this odd method to unleash the clip. You can check out it out, real or not, below.

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