The Julie Ruin – “Oh Come On” Video

The former Bikini Kill/Le Tigre leader Kathleen Hanna is straight-up, bar-none one of the greatest punk rock performers of all time, and she hasn’t released a new album in almost a decade, since Le Tigre finished their run. So it’s a big deal that Hanna and her new band the Julie Ruin are coming back with the new album Run Fast, especially when the album’s first single is as undeniable and propulsive as “Oh Come On.” The song’s brand-new video, directed by Eric Greenwell, is just the band playing the song in a room. But with Kathleen Hanna on her force-of-nature shit, that’s really all you need. Watch it and download the song below.

The Julie Ruin – “Oh Come On”

Run Fast is out 9/3 on the Julie Ruin’s Dischord-distributed TJR Records.