J Mascis – “Fade Into You” (Mazzy Star Cover)

Dinosaur Jr. frontman and eternal guitar hero J Mascis now has his very own shoe, a collaboration with the L.A. company Keep. It’s purple, with a design on the back that’s made to look like Mascis’s guitar strap, and it comes with a 7″ picture disc from Mascis. On that single, Mascis covers a song I really wish I’d used as the first dance at my wedding: Mazzy Star’s soft-focus alt-rock slow-jam classic “Fade Into You.” In Mascis’s hands, it’s a craggy acoustic country lament, and even Mascis’s blazing soloing is just there to serve the song. It’s awfully pretty, and you can hear it below.

To buy those shoes, head over here; only 360 pairs are being sold.