Drake – “Girls Love Beyoncé (SBTRKT Edit)”

Drake and the endlessly sharp and oblique London dance producer SBTRKT have come together before, when Drake dropped a verse on a remix of SBTRKT’s track “Wildfire.” And now SBTRKT has returned the favor, putting together a remix of “Girls Love Beyoncé,” the soft and pillowy slow jam that Drake released earlier this summer. The SBTRKT version erases every trace of Drake’s regular voice, turning it into a glitchy digital effect while turning the track’s lush bed into a nervous dancefloor hall of mirrors. But it says something about Drake that even without his actual voice, the remix seems to fit entirely within the aesthetic he’s crafted. Listen to it below.

Drake’s new album Nothing Was The Same 9/17 on Cash Money, and I can’t wait. I could also really go for another SBTRKT album right now.

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