Friends – “The Way”

We made Friends, the Brooklyn cool-kid crew led by Samantha Urbani, a Band To Watch two years ago, but they may have waited until this morning to give us their best song. “The Way,” the group’s new single, is a soft, warm, synthy, sultry slow-jam.” With its bass-rolls, its dubbed-out butt-rock guitars, and its languid vocals, it reminds me of a certain strain of ’80s soft-rock — think Richard Marx, or Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” — filtered through Urbani’s Tumblr-ready aesthetic. Listen to it below.

The “The Way” single is coming soon from Lucky Number. Gorilla Vs. Bear reports that Friends have been through some unspecified lineup changes and that new-pop soothsayer Dev Hynes had a hand in the single’s production.