Touché Amoré – “Just Exist”

The Los Angeles post-hardcore expressionists made a bunch of noise Touché Amoré two years ago with their album Parting The Seas Between Brightness And Me, an album that evoked the self-serious catharsis of early-’00s screamo and earned itself a big cult without ever showing up much on sites like this one. It’s a great album, and I felt stupid for arriving at it late. For the follow-up album Is Survived By, the band worked with the veteran alt-rock producer Brad Wood, but you can’t hear much of his touch on the clangorous first single “Just Exist,” the sort of song that exists so that rooms full of sweaty teenagers can crawl over each other to scream the lyrics back into an outstretched microphone. Listen to it below.

(via Pitchfork)

Is Survived By is out 9/24 on Deathwish Inc.