Goodie Mob – “I’m Set” Video

Back when all four of them were together, the pioneering Atlanta crew Goodie Mob were among my favorite rap groups of all time. And now, they’re back together again. The reunited group has a new album called Age Against The Machine in the works, and we’ve posted messy but intriguing tracks like “Special Education” and “Is That You God.” Now they’ve made a deeply confusing and frustrating video for a new track called “I’m Set,” which seems like it might be good if I could hear the goddam thing. Instead of making a regular music video, they keep interrupting themselves with ominous stock footage of plane crashes or animal attacks or rockets firing off into somewhere. And since the actual group footage looks pretty expensive and effects-heavy, god only knows why they sabotaged themselves so completely. But you can watch it below, though nobody would judge if you just watched the “Get Rich To This” video instead.

Age Against The Machine is out 8/27.

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