Daft Punk To Do Colbert Next Week

It’s tough to imagine how this will work, exactly, since Daft Punk have never done the late-night show gauntlet. But Pitchfork reports that the duo will be guests on The Colbert Report this coming Tuesday. At this point, that’s all we know. Maybe they’ll unmask and do a full interview. Maybe they’ll sit silent and motionless while Stephen Colbert lobs three minutes of snark at them. Maybe they’ll convert the show’s entire set into a pyramid so that they can perform. We’ll see!

To foreshadow the appearance, Colbert made a quick and wordless appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, running out, dancing to “Get Lucky” with Fallon, and then disappearing. Watch the video below.

This will be good, right? We should just trust everyone involved? It won’t mess up anyone’s carefully cultivated mystique?