MEN – “All The Way Thru”

The former Bikini Kill/Le Tigre leader Kathleen Hanna is back with her new band the Julie Ruin, and that is a glorious thing. But Hanna isn’t the only ex-Le Tigre member currently getting ready to drop an LP. JD Samson, who joined Le Tigre in time for sophomore album Feminist Sweepstakes and who was last seen in these pages publicly worrying about her finances, has been leading the feminist dance-pop group MEN — a very different thing from the Men — for a while now, and their new album Labor arrives this fall. The first single is “All The Way Thru,” produced by French dance dude Yuksek, and it’s considerably more confident than anything on MEN’s not-great 2011 debut Talk About Body. Listen below.

(via Pitchfork)

The self-released Labor is out 10/22.

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