Jane’s Addiction – “Another Soulmate”

When Death Grips bailed on their Lollapalooza 2013 set, they were replaced by none other than the festival’s founder, Perry Farrell, who was performing with the Bad Things, featuring … professional snowboarder/gum shill Shaun White. It was not a set that anybody was particularly excited to see! It’s possible that, given the choice, more people would have gone to see Death Grips not play than see the Bad Things! Fortunately, Perry Farrell (which I still pronounce Pa-ree Fah-rell, like a sucker) is back with his old, good band, Jane’s Addiction. Jane’s are going out on tour with Alice In Chain and Coheed & Cambria, and to justify your price of admission, they’ve released a new song, “Another Soulmate,” which will apparently, “serve as [their] calling card when [they] hit various cities,” per Farrell. I dunno, I kinda feel like “Jane Says” and “Three Days” or whatever will actually serve as their calling card. Here are some thoughts from Perry, via Rolling Stone:

Jane’s is kind of known for long songs; being this is a one-song single, I thought it’d be interesting to try and write a Beatles-esque short song that would be fast and furious and it would just be fun, dig it and move on, short attention span.

Always a good look when a 54-year-old dude (or anyone at any age) compares his band to the Beatles, of course. Also, just throwing in the term “short attention span.” Perry offered some notes for the video, too:

I want to make something that would go viral; you can have a sense of humor and a creative young man or woman and put together a video. I said, “Think about the dating services, how wacky they are. Let’s do a parody of [an] online dating service: quick, simple, inexpensive, hilarious and compelling.” So that’s what we’re doing. I think it needs visual stimulation to go along with it.

Oh man, this stuff just makes me shudder: I want to make something that would go viralThink about [online] dating services, how wacky they are.

Look, Perry is a legitimate weirdo, so these quotes probably sounded hilarious when he said them, instead of kinda desperate. Also, I’ve been a Jane’s fan since Nothing’s Shocking, saw ‘em tour for Ritual, and I was one of the few people who really liked their 2011 album, The Great Escape Artist (give it another chance! It’s good!), so I’m not hating for the sake of hating here, but … “Another Soulmate” is not my favorite Jane’s Addiction song of all time. Check it out for yourself over at RS and let me know what you think.