Pinkish Black – “Kites And Vultures” (Stereogum Premiere)

I wrote a bunch about Pinkish Black when we heard the lead/title track to be released from their forthcoming LP, Razed To The Ground, so I won’t repeat all that here, except to say that I think it’s an outstanding album, an improvement on their excellent 2012 debut. “Kites And Vultures” is the second track to premiere from Razed and it’s a pretty different look: grinding, atonal, primal industrial-goth, with hints of Bauhaus, the Birthday Party, and Godflesh. Pinkish Black are a band with deep, longstanding ties to the metal scene, and are most often treated in the industry as a metal band, though always with some consternation: “Is this really metal? This isn’t really metal.” It’s really not metal. But it’s heavy as fuck. Listen.

Razed To The Ground is out 9/17 via Century Media.