Vattnet Viskar – “Mythos”

In July’s Black Market comments, I talked a little bit about how Vattnet Viskar’s forthcoming debut LP, Sky Swallower — which I love, and wrote about a whole lot here — is not ideally suited to the piecemeal pre-release rollout that is commonplace in today’s album cycle. It’s broken up into songs, yes, and those songs are distinct from one another, but it’s an album; to get an idea of its ebb, flow, and scope, you really have to experience the massive whole. That said, “Mythos” is my favorite section of that album, and probably the song best suited to the “premiere” treatment. It crushes and cruises and kicks without too much drift or distraction, and I think its seven-plus minutes both aptly represent Sky Swallower as well as just fucking rock outside of any broader context. Listen.

Sky Swallower is out 9/3 via Century Media.