SD – “New World Order (Remix)” (Feat. Danny Brown)

I probably should’ve realized this already, but after seeing him live in Sweden over the weekend, it’s now absolutely apparent that I need to post something every time Danny Brown farts in a recording studio. Brown is on a ridiculous roll right now, and just about everything he’s done lately has been monstrous. Case in point: A new remix for “New World Order,” a dark, churning mixtape banger from the young Chicago rapper SD, a member of Chief Keef’s GBE crew. The song was already tough as hell, but Brown treats his verse like a defibrillator shock. It’s pretty amazing how he can change a song’s energy just by yelling “Check!” at the beginning of his verse. Listen below.

(via Nah Right)

The original track is on SD’s Life Of A Savage 3 mixtape, which you can download here. Meanwhile, Brown now claims that his new album Old is coming in October, which is great news.

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