Volcano Choir – “Comrade”

Volcano Choir — Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon’s band with the members of the Wisconsin post-rock crew Collections Of Colonies Of Bees — showed a bit of a new direction on “Bygone,” the first single from their sophomore album Repave. Whereas Unmap, the group’s first album, was a prettily formless almost-ambient affair, “Bygone” is an actual song, with lyrics and structure and some of the same world-swallowing ambition that Vernon shows with Bon Iver. And now they’ve shared “Comrade,” the album’s second single, and it’s another sign of progression — a huge, surging, stirring piece of work, one that conjures images of eagles soaring over snowy mountaintops or something. The video below pairs the song with footage of Vernon’s April Base studio in Wisconsin; check it out.

Repave is out 9/3 on Jagjaguwar.