These New Puritans – “Organ Eternal” Video

“Organ Eternal” isn’t just one of These New Puritans’ best songs; in context, it is the last gasp of air before the three tracks that makes up the overwhelmingly dense final section of their new album Field Of Reeds. Now you can watch the music video, which is helpful (much like the video for “Fragment Two”) simply because you can see the band playing the music — something that is difficult to picture when actually listening to the indulgent orchestration throughout. Between stark images of the band playing organ, piano, and percussion, there are shots of reeds and the sort of upward-climbing camera work that Terrence Malick employed in The Tree Of Life. Listen to the full album and you’ll realize the comparison is not a stretch. This is a band that is not afraid to be ambitious. The key moment, however, comes from the shots of a girl seemingly trapped in a room until (just as the music reaches a rare moment of resolution) she simply pushes the walls over with no effort, which when you think about it is exactly what These New Puritans have done this year. Watch below.

Field Of Reeds is out now on Infectious Music