SubRosa – “Ghosts Of A Dead Empire”

“Cosey Mo,” the first song to be released from SubRosa’s forthcoming More Constant Than The Gods, came in at No. 2 in July’s Black Market rundown of the month in metal — beat out only by the amazing return of Carcass. Now we’ve got a second track from Gods, and it’s even better than its predecessor. “Ghosts Of A Dead Empire” bursts forth as a churning doom dirge but from there, over the course of an epic 11 minutes, it grows into something much more majestic and haunting, a storm of organ and twisted strings. Just before the 6-minute mark, it drops back, strips down, regroups, and slowly scales heavenward on a warm gust of spiraling violins; the track reaches a denouement at about 8:10, a climax of melody and down-tuned guitars. More Constant Than The Gods is an album that requires some patience — the shortest song comes in at seven and a half minutes — but it’s a beautiful, compelling experience that only grows richer over time. I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb to call it one of the best metal albums of the year. Listen.

More Constant Than The Gods is out 9/17 via Profound Lore.

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