Stream Porches. Slow Dance In The Cosmos

Earlier this month, we heard “Skinny Trees” from New York singer Aaron Maine’s project Porches. and now Slow Dance In The Cosmos, the LP that it comes from, is available to stream in full before its release next week. It’s strange to write this post because Maine is a guy I always new peripherally as a teenager. Where I grew up there was a pretty exceptional local scene with a grip of rec centers who would let high school students and local college kids book shows, as well as, incredibly, parents willing to open up their backyards and basements when those places weren’t enough. Granted, you look at all your friends’ bands fondly and through a loving-lens, so when you see someone who isn’t part of your crew perform and blow you away, there’s always the latent sense that person is going to get some kind of attention some day. Maine was one of those guys, with a voice that exceeded his age, making ruminating folk slow jams. I’m excited to get into this LP, which you can check out below.

(via CoS)

Slow Dance In The Cosmos is out 8/27 via Exploding In Sound.

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