Play Okkervil River & Juicy J’s Online Video Games

Two vastly different artists with new albums coming out soon have chosen similar ways to promote those albums: Online video games! Literate Texan rockers Okkervil River will soon release The Silver Gymnasium, frontman Will Sheff’s musical exploration of the New Hampsire town where he grew up. And now you can explore the town, too, thanks to the slowly-unfolding new point-and-click adventure game that Sheff developed with Eyes And Ears’ Benjamin Miles. You can play that here and read an interview with Sheff about it here.

But while much more thought and effort obviously went into the Okkervil River game, I just spent way more time with a vastly cruder and dumber game: Memphis rap hedonist Juicy J’s new Stay Strippy game. The game is a perfectly ridiculous thing in which you have to throw money and paint at strippers to keep them from hitting the floor with a splat, but I kept playing for a while because it unlocks tracks from Juicy’s forthcoming Stay Trippy album. If you play long enough, you unlock the whole album. You can play that one here.