Tyler, The Creator – “Garbage”

Here’s how Tyler, The Creator, on Twitter, explains why he threw a new non-album track called “Garbage” up online last night: “IDK I WAS BEING CREATIVE ONE NIGHT. I WANTED TO MAKE A BEAT THAT REMINDED ME OF DRUG DEALING OLD FAMLAY CLIPSE TRASHCAN SOUNDING SHIT SO YUH.” This is maybe the best reason anyone has ever had for doing anything. Fal-Lay? That guy was the best. Let’s all collectively will him into a comeback. Tyler is not walking down the block with life in his pocket, but “Garbage” does have some of that old evil minimal synth-buzz, and that’s a good thing. Listen below.

(via Miss Info)

If you were considering a trip down the early-’00s Neptunes YouTube rabbit hole, which is not a bad idea, I suggest this as your next stop.