copeland – “Fit”

The duo known most recently as Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland (also know by countless other pseudonyms in the past) put out one of the most disorienting, surreal, and beautifully dreamlike records of 2012 with Black Is Beautiful. Now after several solo releases (including Blunt’s recent album The Redeemer) the announcement was recently made explaining that the two were done working together. The news was confusing, vague, and obtuse — in other words it was exactly what these artists have applied to their music to incredible outcomes in the last few years. Now seemingly out of nowhere Inga Copeland, now simply copeland, has released a new track called “Fit” with no information other than a mysterious Gmail link [see below].

The track itself is stunning; a labyrinth of dead ends and melodic red herrings. Built around an off-kilter organ loop, Copeland whispers and coos through the miasma as punching percussion attacks from all sides. As the drums settle down a bit, Copeland reintroduces her voice, this time blown out and ghostly until things eventually and abruptly cut off. There’s not really any way to make sense of it, like her best work, but the time I’ve spent lost in it has been the most enjoyable I’ve had all day.

No other information is available — but send something to [email protected] if you dare.