Death Cab For Cutie Transatlanticism 10th Anniversary Reissue Details

Death Cab For Cutie’s Transatlanticism turns 10 this October and to celebrate the band and Barsuk will release an anniversary edition of the album digitally and on vinyl, after long being out-of-print. The vinyl edition will come with a download code for a demos collection of each song from the LP (the deluxe digital package will come with this bonus material, as well), but fans who already have the LP can purchase a separate Transatlantism Demos digital album. The demos package will also be available for download if you purchase the DCFC Barsuk Years vinyl box set from Artist In Residence. Below, you can check out the demo version of “Lightness” and the tracklist. See where Transatlanticism ranked in our Counting Down of the Death Cab’s catalogue here.

The 10th anniversary editions of Transatlanticism are out 10/29 via Barsuk.

01 “The New Year”
02 “Lightness”
03 “Title and Registration”
04 “Expo ’86”
05 “The Sound of Settling”
06 “Tiny Vessels”
07 “Transatlanticism”
08 “Passenger Seat”
09 “Death of An Interior Decorator”
10 “We Looked Like Giants”
11 “A Lack of Color”

12 “The New Year (Demo)”
13 “Lightness (Demo)”
14 “Title and Registration (Demo)”
15 “Expo ’86 (Demo)”
16 “The Sound of Settling (Demo)”
17 “Tiny Vessels (Demo)”
18 “Transatlanticism (Demo)”
19 “Passenger Seat (Demo)”
20 “Death of An Interior Decorator (Demo)”
21 “We Looked Like Giants (Demo)”
22 “A Lack of Color (Demo)”