Travis Morrison Talks Tech Startup Shoutabl

Travis Morrison has been busy! Not only is he getting ready to drop the first Dismemberment Plan album in 12 years, but he’s also getting ready to put out the debut EP of his new band the Burlies. The newest project he’s taking on is a startup website called Shoutabl, which he (and his business partner — former Huffington Post co-worker Travis Donovan) explain in an interview with Billboard could be a helpful and simple way for small bands to get a website going.

One way of looking at it that Morrison definitely implies is that while Facebook is fantastic for a band to get a community going and communicating with fans (it’s like some sort of social … network?!) there’s not really any platform for selling merchandise and making money. Think about Bandcamp while you’re at it. It allows small bands to get their music up for sale, but there’s little to no community interaction, and Donovan and Morrison seem acutely aware of that. In the article they used Diarrhea Planet as the example of how a band could simply build a website without knowing too much about actual website design. Frankly, every time you go to a Facebook page or a Bandcamp it seems like you’re kind of getting half of what you want and click over to the other one to get it; it’s very fascinating that someone is trying to bridge the gap between the two, and just plain cool that it’s being done by the guy who wrote “The Ice Of Boston.” Read the full interview via Billboard.

Listen to the “The Ice Of Boston” below.