RAC – “Let Go” (Feat. Kele & MNDR) Video

RAC – “Let Go” (Feat. Kele & MNDR) Video

RAC, or Remix Artists Collective, has come a long way since we first came across him (and got him to make a mix for us) over half a decade ago. Just look at the stylish video for “Let Go,” a track which features Kele of Bloc Party and MNDR. Claire had a point when she first described the dance-y track as having “an undercurrent of neuroses,” something that’s even clearer in this unsettling video which finds a man struggling with the fact that his girlfriend can’t control her habit of becoming a murderous cannibal. It’s something that would seem either silly or creepy in another video, but when you keep in mind that one of the first lyrics to this song is “I’m here for you, just try to, try to, try to stay sober,” you can see the sad truth of what’s going on. Watch below.

RAC’s Don’t Talk To EP is out 10/1 on Cherrytree Records.

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