Stream Dressed In Streams S/T + Azad Hind (Stereogum Premiere)

Dressed In Streams has quietly amassed a small but extraordinary discography of epic atmospheric black metal over the past year or so. Songs from Dressed In Streams have been featured in our own metal column, the Black Market, twice, and with good reason — DIS’s music is absolutely unique. First, there’s a heavy synth vibe on these songs, and not of the standard metal variety — think lasers, not ambience — and there’s also the fact that DIS is heavily focused, in terms of imagery, lyrical themes, and occasionally melody, on the country of India. (The opening track, “Leaping Tiger,” for instance, begins with a raga performed by Gangubai Hangal, a famed Indian singer.) Also, Dressed In Streams is a one-man band — everything is performed, and recorded, by a sole anonymous member.

For some time, Dressed In Streams releases were only available on cassette in editions of 100 or less (only recently did DIS’s label, Colloquial Sound Recordings, concede to a Bandcamp), which made listening to DIS somewhat difficult. Now, the excellent label Handmade Birds is releasing the band’s first two demos, Dressed In Streams and Azad Hind, as well as a track that appeared on the killer SVN OKKLT compilation, on CD. If you want to pick up a copy, act fast — in keeping with the scarcity of previous DiS releases, only 250 copies were pressed. Listen to Dressed In Streams + Azad Hind below.

Pre-order Dressed In Streams + Azad Hind here.