Yo La Tengo Announce Fade: Deluxe Edition

Just last night I was at tiny Stuart’s Opera House in tiny Nelsonville, Ohio, watching Yo La Tengo tear through two sets — one quiet, one loud, both heavy on material from this year’s exceptional Fade. Frontman Ira Kaplan mentioned a deluxe edition of the album was on its way and that it would include the (exquisite) cover of Times New Viking’s “Move To California” that they performed last night. And what do you know, the details of that reissue arrived the very next morning!

According to Matablog, Fade: Deluxe Edition will feature a second disc including live takes, covers, remixes, alternate versions and instrumental versions, i.e. the usual goodie bag of fans-only fun stuff that accompanies deluxe reissues. A cover of the Beach Boys’ “A Day In The Life Of A Tree” is on there too, making this likely the only commercial music release in history to feature songs by both the Beach Boys and Times New Viking. Looks like both versions of Fade opener “Ohm” that they played last night (the spare, whispery one and the cacophonous guitar skree) made the cut too. Check out the full tracklist below.

01 “Ohm” (live 1)
02 “Two Trains” (demo)
03 “Note To Self”
04 “Move To California” (Times New Viking cover)
05 “Is That Enough” (live at NPR music)
06 “Cornelia And Jane” (instrumental)
07 “A Day In The Life Of A Tree”
08 “Super Kiwi”
09 “Stupid Things (EY? Remix)”
10 “I Saw The Light”
11 “Stupid Things” (instrumental)
12 “Ohm” (live 2)
13 “Oriole 5″

Fade: Deluxe Edition will be out 11/19 on Matador. Pre-order it here. Matablog also mentions a new Yo La Tengo 7-inch coming 11/5 featuring “Super Kiwi,” a track from the Fade sessions, backed by that Beach Boys cover. Preorder that one here.

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