Absolutely Free – “On The Beach” & “Clothed Woman, Sitting”

Toronto’s self-described “astro-beat” band Absolutely Free, which includes four members from the defunct DD/MM/YYY, have released a song from “On The Beach”/”Clothed Woman, Sitting,” a 12″ due out next month. “On The Beach” has a hyper-mellow introductory bassline that thunders on for a full three minutes before crackling snares and faded harmonies overwhelm it. This is the kind of track that stretches out and fills long lapses of time, ideal for a long subway ride home. Download it below.

Absolutely Free – “On The Beach”

UPDATE: Here’s the B-side:

Absolutely Free – “Clothed Woman, Sitting”

“On The Beach”/”Clothed Woman, Sitting” 12″ is out 10/29 via Lefse Records, One Big Silence, and Fat Possum.