M.I.A. Reveals Matangi Cover And Tracklist, Responds To NFL Lawsuit

Between her forthcoming album and her ongoing now-public legal battle with the NFL, M.I.A. has a whole lot going on lately. But first, let’s talk about the album Matangi, which is a long time coming and which looks more and more like it’s actually going to come out. And now the album, as Consequence Of Sound points out, has a cover, and it’s the image you see above. As you can see, it follows the “ugly computer graphics” visual theme of everything M.I.A. has ever done in her entire career. Here’s the tracklist too:

01 “Karmageddon”
03 “Only 1 U
04 “Warriors”
05 “Come Walk With Me
06 “aTENTion
07 “Exodus”
08 “Bad Girls
09 “Boom Skit”
10 “Double Bubble Trouble”
11 “Y.a.l.a”
12 “Bring The Noize
13 “Lights”
14 “Know It Ain’t Right”
15 “Sexodus”

As for the whole NFL thing, she’s posted a statement of, weirdly, herself talking on the phone about it. (She’s doing it while wearing a Raiders sweatshirt, which is badass.) Her point, in the statement, is that the finger is not a big deal, and that plenty of other fucked-up stuff was happening at the exact same moment. No arguments here! Here’s the statement:

Matangi is out 11/5 on Interscope.

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