Laurel Halo – “Ainome”

The last time we got to hear a full Laurel Halo album was 2012’s Quarantine, a record that was beautiful, grotesque, and one of the best albums of the year. She’s back with a new one titled A Chance Of Rain and it’s a bit different. “Ainome” is a good signifier of what to expect — the vocals that were beginning to define her work are absent here, as are some of the queasier synth sounds, but in place of that she seems to be embracing her inner Juan Atkins, creating her own warped take on Detroit techno. It’s a sprawling, knotty banger, and even if the lyrics aren’t there it still evokes that same anxiousness that you can find in her best work. Listen below and look for the whole album next month.

A Chance Of Rain is out 10/28 on Hyperdub.

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