Mount Kimbie – “You Took Your Time (Kyle Hall Remix)”

Mount Kimbie’s “You Took Your Time” (featuring King Krule) was already one of the best songs off their new album and like all of Kimbie’s output it’s just as, if not more, exciting to hear what people do with the remixes. That Oneman remix pushed the track into even murkier waters and added a rap verse from Jeremiah Jae, but the new one by house wunderkind Kyle Hall (who put out his excellent debut album this year) cuts the vocals almost entirely, stretches it to over eight minutes, and brings out the hidden club banger that always seems to be bubbling under the surface of Mount Kimbie’s music. It’s definitely one for the dance floor, and definitely one of the best remixes to come off this new album. Listen below and look for it on Mount Kimbie’s upcoming remixes EP.

CSFLY Remixes is out 10/29 on Warp, and Kyle Hall’s The Boat Party is out on his own label, Wild Oats.