Watch Justin Timberlake Perform “Take Back The Night” At Maxwell’s

Maxwell’s, the legendary Hoboken music venue that nurtured talents from the Feelies to Yo La Tengo to Titus Andronicus, shut down earlier this year with a farewell performance featuring local legends the Bongos and an underground-star-studded cast of Hoboken musicians. It was an appropriate way for Maxwell’s to go out — certainly more appropriate than a Target commercial shoot starring Justin Timberlake and his brass-blastin’ Tennessee Kids. But Timberlake rolled into the famed hole in the wall Aug. 28 to perform a free concert for 150 fans and one lucky corporation, and now that’s the last concert ever at Maxwell’s. Take it from an avowed poptimist: That shit ain’t right.

Also awkward are the plentiful slo-mo shots of delighted women in the front row as JT burns through the feminist-flouting “Take Back The Night.” It’s just a bizarre production altogether, and you can watch it below.

The 20/20 Experience — 2 of 2 is out 9/30 on RCA, and Tom says it sucks.