Preview Pearl Jam’s “Let The Records Play” While Watching Eddie Vedder Throw A Hatchet

Director Danny Clinch was behind both videos from Pearl Jam’s upcoming Lightning Bolt so far as well as a promotional short film, and he ain’t finished documenting the lead-up to the new LP. Clinch’s latest promo for Lightning Bolt finds Eddie Vedder — wearing a tanktop, a backwards batting helmet, and a maniacal grin — throwing a hatchet at a wooden target on a tree. He hits the bullseye repeatedly but alas has no one to high-five. The soundtrack for all this rustic masculinity is a bluesy stomper from Lightning Bolt called “Let The Records Play,” which ironically does not play in full. But you can get a taste, as well as your tickets to the gun show, below.

Lightning Bolt strikes 10/15 via Monkeywrench, Inc.