Drake Named Toronto Raptors Global Ambassador

Drake Named Toronto Raptors Global Ambassador

Drake’s Nothing Was The Same was released last week — maybe you heard? — and now the Canadian actor-turned-rapper is on to other business. At a press conference today Drake was introduced today as a Global Ambassador for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, his hometown team, which means he might finally be able to get into the locker room at the NBA Finals now — although considering Toronto’s 34-48 record last year, probably not to celebrate with the Raptors. He might have to settle for access at the 2016 NBA All-Star Game, which Toronto will host, so hopefully all-star games aren’t old-hat to Drake by now.

Relevant notes from the event:

  • Drake prefers the formal term “dais” to the common parlance, “platform.”
  • Drake will oversee the creation of a Raptors clothing line and a franchise redesign including new colors and a new logo.
  • Drake is “extremely passionate” about his home city (curiously, no mention of his passion for money), and he spreads the gospel of Toronto all around the world.
  • As a kid, Drake dreamed of the All-Star game coming to Toronto.
  • Drake will need to invest in more suits in neutral tones to fit in with his new “family” in the Raptors organization.

Watch Drake on his best behaviour at the press conference below.

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