Migos – “Versace” Video

When they released their great Y.R.N. (Young Rich Niggas) mixtape a few months ago, the Atlanta rap trio Migos were an unheralded underground crew with skills to burn and a few big-time connections but little profile beyond their hometown. But now they’re huge, and “Versace,” aided in part by its Drake remix, has become something of a tourettic rap totem, the sort of chorus you just spontaneously start yelling when you get excited about something. Now they’ve finally made the “Versace” video with director Gabriel Hart, and it looks like it has about 15 times the budget of every other Migos video combined. The guys in the group dress fancy, hang out with models and baby leopards, and inhabit the sort of mansion that you don’t see too often in rap videos anymore. Stick around for when the song suddenly lurches into the mixtape track “Hannah Montana” and makes the most out of its accidental Miley Cyrus intersection.

Download Y.R.N. for free here.