White Lung – “Blow It South”

Vancouver punks White Lung put on the best live show I saw during all of SXSW, and their album Sorry is probably the best 2012 LP that I didn’t hear until 2013. (Sorry for sleeping on Sorry, everybody.) So I’m delighted to report that the band has a new 7″ single coming soon, and that the band has already shared the A-side. “Blow It South” is a more straightforward song than most of what you’ll find on Sorry, but it’s got this great rocketing energy that maintains a certain rigor while, at the same time, threatening to whirl into pieces at any moment. Listen below.

(via Pitchfork)

The new single is out 10/28 digitally and 11/5 physically on Deranged.

[Photo by Stephen McGill]

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