Tyler, The Creator, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, & Earl Sweatshirt – “Look”

We don’t have any context on it, but four Odd Future rappers just showed up on one song, and it’s a banger. The new track “Look” showed up online last night, and it’s got Tyler, The Creator, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, and prodigal little brother Earl Sweatshirt all going in on a quietly vicious, synth-streaked beat from Nottz, a Norfolk, Virginia rap producer who’s been showing up in the credits of high-profile rap records forever. It’s encouraging, then, that all these guys can sound at their best when they’re at a beat that doesn’t fit their usual style. Earl’s got the best verse, but that should not surprise you at this point. Listen below.

It’s the sound of fuckin’ chickens coming home to roost.