Sufjan Stevens – “Take Me” (Demo)

Earlier this week, Sufjan Stevens was in the news for writing Miley Cyrus a silly grammar-nerd open letter, so it’s nice to see some actual new music — or new-old music, as the came may be — from him. Stevens’s long-lost demos, like “Give A Little Love,” can often be more fleshed-out and orchestrated than many other artists’ finished works, and sometimes they can be more listenable than his own exceedingly busy and experimentally orchestral albums. And “Take Me,” which Stevens calls a “sloppy lo-fi demo I found on an old hard drive” is actually a gorgeously synthed-out six-minute sigh of a song with some Steve Reich infinite-repeat piano action and perhaps the most languid vocal that Sufjan has ever recorded. Listen to it below.

(via Sufjan’s Tumblr)

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll take this over anything on The Age Of Adz.