Morrissey Opens Up, Settles Scores In Autobiography

After some drama surrounding its publication, Morrissey has published his new memoir Autobiography through Penguin Classics, and it’s out now in Europe. (He’s doing a one-off book signing in Gothenburg, Sweden today, and fans have been lining up since last night.) Reviews are already starting to appear online, and with them, we’re learning a few things about the mercurial Morrissey that he hasn’t seen fit to reveal until now.

Perhaps the most surprising of the book’s revelations is that Morrissey didn’t have his first relationship with a man until the mid-’90s, when he was 35, as the Mirror reports. (Maybe there was something to that “celibate” talk after all.) He also claims that a teacher inappropriately touched him when he was a teenager, and that at one point he considered having a child with a woman.

Morrissey is also the type to hold a grudge, so there’s a lot of stuff in there about the former Smiths rhythm section and the judge who, in 1996, awarded drummer Mike Joyce a quarter of the band’s earnings. (He does praise Joyce and bassist Andy Rourke’s musical contributions, though.) He also has harsh words for the British music magazine NME, and he says that the former NME writer Nick Kent wrote to the Smiths and asked to take Johnny Marr’s place after Marr left the band.

There’s plenty of other fascinating trivia in there. For instance, Morrissey was once offered a role on the British soap opera EastEnders, and he was also offered a cameo in Friends when he visited the sitcom’s set once. (This raises the question: What the fuck was Morrissey doing on the set of Friends? And did someone film the visit?) Also, the Special Branch of the British police questioned Moz after he released “Margaret At The Guillotine.” And he was also the victim of an attempted kidnapping in Mexico in 2007. The Mirror and The Guardian both have more details.