Kanye West Is Engaged

Congratulations are in order for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, both of whom are officially off the market. TMZ reports that the pair, who became parents together in June, were engaged last night (on Kim’s 33rd birthday) in spectacular fashion. Kanye flew Kim to San Francisco, where he’d rented out the major-league ballpark AT&T Park. There, he’d hired an orchestra to play Lana Del Rey’s “Young And Beautiful,” reportedly a favorite of Kim’s, and he got down on one knee in the middle of the field to present her with a 15-carat diamond gold ring. Kim said yes, which is good, since it would be pretty embarrassing if she turned him down after all that.

There’s plenty to make fun of here, like the sure-to-be-obscene expenses involved and the too-perfect fact that Kim Kardashian loves a Lana Del Rey song. Still, this whole thing, you have to admit, sounds pretty goddam romantic.

[Img via US.]