Washed Out – “All I Know” Video

Washed Out put out one of the first great albums of this year, so maybe it’s fitting that we get this video as we close in on the final months of 2013. “All I Know”‘s found-footage style video, directed by Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen, starts with the uncomfortable exchange of two guys discussing his ex-girlfriend. It’s the sort of drunken, late night bitterness people go through and don’t often want seen. What follows is a series of random events: driving around, hanging out with girls, getting drunk, that builds to a sort of conclusion that’s as pathetic as it is scary. It doesn’t make you feel very good watching it, in spite of “All I Know”‘s prettiness, but as the cameraman points out in the beginning it does capture something very “human emotion,” no matter how ugly.

Paracosm is out now via Sub Pop.

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