Please Don’t Throw Cheeseburgers At Best Coast

Please Don’t Throw Cheeseburgers At Best Coast

In recent weeks we’ve heard about musician-versus-audience showdowns involving Fiona Apple and Neko Case that resulted in both singers erupting at their fans. Now let’s add Best Coast to their number, although to be fair, this incident is a whole lot funnier and stranger. In an interview with Self-Titled (via Pitchfork), Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino detailed a recent altercation at Indiana University that involved a fan hurling a cheeseburger at her:

“I don’t put up with hecklers … When people come to see us play, they need to understand that we’re in charge of the show. We’re performing for you. We make the setlist. We pick the songs we’re going to play. And you paid money to come see us do that. So if you yell some annoying thing to me, I am not going to pretend I didn’t hear it. Last week, we played at Indiana University, and there was this kid that kept yelling ‘Play something better!’ and I was like ‘What the fuck does that mean?’ And then he threw a cheeseburger at me, and I lost it. I was like ‘Fuck you! Get the fuck out of here!’ I was just screaming on the mic, and all the kids at the concert were like, ‘That was so badass, I can’t believe you did that!'”

Why were there cheeseburgers at a rock show? Maybe a better question is: Why aren’t there cheeseburgers at every rock show?

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