Woods – “It Ain’t Easy” Video

The New York campfire-psych band Woods came out with their album Bend Beyond more than a year ago, but that LP has lost no luster in the time since its release; if anything, it sounds better now than when it came out. Artist Adarsha Benjamin, who directed or co-directed the band’s previous videos for “Cali In A Cup” and “Size Meets The Sound,” has a new video for the acoustic rampble “It Ain’t Easy.” And like those two previous videos, it’s all Super 8 footage of pretty things happening in California. This time around, it’s images of an outsider-art sculpture garden and of sunflowers swaying in breeze. And if your office is freezing fucking cold, like mine is right now, it’s a nice little burst of escapism. Watch it below.

(via FADER)

Bend Beyond is out now on Woodsist.