Watch Nine Inch Nails Make Their Network TV Debut On Kimmel

Televised Nine Inch Nails performances have historically been rare things. There was Dance Party USA in 1989, the VMAs in 1999, and that’s pretty much it. Somehow, Trent Reznor has made it more than two decades into a career without ever performing on late-night TV, which is mind-boggling. That changed last night. Reznor and his band played in the big outdoor stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, playing five songs including a sinewy, strutting, six-and-a-half minute take on the surprisingly funky Hesitation Marks album track “All Time Low.” The performance showcases a band completely in control of its own groove (those backup singers!), and it’s a strong indicator that late-night hosts should’ve been making room for Reznor for years.

UPDATE: “All Time Low” is an online bonus; “Various Methods Of Escape” is the song that was broadcast, and that has now been uploaded too:

Hesitation Marks is out now on Columbia, and the band also recently taped an episode of PBS’ Austin City Limits.