Flaming Lips’ Stone Roses Covers, Chocolate Skull, Frog Recorder Coming Soon

When I chatted with Wayne Coyne earlier this month there was so much to cover that we didn’t even get around to the Flaming Lips’ promised LP-length cover of the Stone Roses’ self-titled debut — after all, February 2013 is ancient history in Flaming Lips time. But it turns out that record hasn’t been lost to history after all, unlike the Lips’ album with Ke$ha. (Free Ke$ha!)

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Coyne said the Stone Roses tribute will be released on Black Friday as a Record Store Day exclusive and will feature guest appearances from Poliça (performing “She Bangs The Drums”), Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado (singing “This Is The One”), Spaceface (doing “Fools Gold”), Peaking Lights, Stardeath and White Dwarfs, New Fumes, and Def Rain. Also confirmed for Record Store Day release are a vinyl edition of the Ender’s Game-inspired Peace Sword EP and the other EP on which the Lips and Tame Impala cover each other.

Coyne says they’re hoping to have even more RSD releases available if logistics work out, including a toy frog called the Fuck You Frog that functions as a sound manipulator and comes packaged with a 7-inch record of the band’s first demo. Another item they hope will be ready is a chocolate life-size skull/brain thing that Coyne explained like so:

It’s all made out of chocolate, it’s a life-size human skull, a life-sized human brain, and the brain is actually sliding out of the skull made with this brain fluid flavored hard-candy. And there’s a little magic coin inside that brain that you’re supposed to dig out. I think it’s supposed to get you into any Flaming Lips show in the world. I think that’s our intention. So, a lot of stuff and always moving towards the deadline, but I think those first three for sure will happen and we’ll see if the chocolate skull will happen. If not, it’ll be around for Christmas.

So, Lips fans, show up to your local independent music retailer on Black Friday with a full bank account, an empty stomach, and an open mind.