Bob Dylan – “Like A Rolling Stone” Interactive Video

It’s a weird time for Bob Dylan to release an interactive video for his generation-defining 1965 song “Like A Rolling Stone,” but Dylan did just release the massive 47-disc box set The Complete Album Collection Volume 1, so why the hell not. The video, a fascinating piece of work, aims to replicate the act of flipping through channels, with a bit of a twist. There are 16 packages, but every time you flip to a new one, the people onscreen are lip-syncing the “Like A Rolling Stone” lyrics. They’re going about what would ordinarily be their regular televised business; they’re just doing it while lip-syncing Dylan lyrics. Flipping through, you’ll find Drew Carey, the Pawn Stars, Danny Brown, Marc Maron, the Property Brothers, and Dylan himself in archival footage, among various others. It’s a bizarrely enjoyable experience, and you can take part here.