OutKast To Reunite In 2014

Earlier today, Tom speculated that OutKast might reunite for Coachella next year, and now, we get confirmation that they’ll do just that … and more. Yep, Revolt TV has confirmed the greatest musical duo of all time (arguably, that is — I’m still not sure if we’re counting Steely Dan here) are reuniting for a 2014 tour. Say it with me: OUTKAST are reuniting. OutKast ARE reuniting. OutKast are REUNITING. Crazy. Does that mean new music to follow? No idea, but I’d be inclined to guess yes. No tour dates yet, either. For now, all we’ve got is the supremely excellent news of an OutKast reunion.

On a personal tip, it’s worth noting that Stereogum alum and good pal Amrit broke the news on Revolt — this has gotta be an exciting scoop, and I’m really proud of and happy for him. You can watch our dude below delivering the news, looking suave as hell, as usual.

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