Watch Kanye West Pull An Icepick Out Of David Blaine’s Hand

Last night, ABC aired Real Or Magic, a new special from the magician David Blaine. Blaine doesn’t make entire jetliners disappear or whatever, the way Copperfield or whatever would do, and there’s not much inherently cinematic about the sort of stuff he does. So his solution: Celebrities! For at least part of last night’s special, Blaine hung out with various celebrities, pulling off the nasty trick of sticking an icepick into his own hand and then having the celebrity pull it out. One of those celebrities was Kanye West, who, it has to be said, does not give the overwhelmingly satisfying reaction that Aaron Paul and Jada Pinkett Smith give. Still, if you ever want to see the little kid come out of Kanye, behold the goofy, bemused smile at the end of the three-minute video below.

(via Pitchfork)

I’m glad Kanye and Woody Harrelson are hanging out. I feel like Woody is probably a good influence.