Xiu Xiu – “Stupid In The Dark”

Next month, the always-squirmy art-poppers Xiu Xiu will release their Nina Simone tribute album Nina, and we’ve posted their versions of “Don’t Smoke In Bed” and “Just Say I Love Him.” But Xiu Xiu won’t waste any time in getting back to cranking out original material. Early next year, they’ll give us a new LP called Angel Guts: Red Classroom. First single is a dark, hammering, minimal new wave song called “Stupid In The Dark,” and it sounds like what might happen if Cold Cave ever decided they were done writing catchy melodies. Listen and check out the album’s tracklist below.

01 “Angel Guts:”
02 “Archie’s Fades”
03 “Stupid In The Dark”
04 “Lawrence Liquors”
05 “Black Dick”
06 “New Life Immigration”
07 “EL Naco”
08 “Adult Friends”
09 “The Silver Platter”
10 “Bitter Melon”
11 “A Knife In The Sun”
12 “Cinthya’s Unisex”
13 “Botanica De Los Angeles”
14 “:Red Classroom”

Angel Guts: Red Classroom is out 2/4 on Polyvinyl.

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