What Kurt Cobain Would Look Like Today

Sachs Media recently commissioned some speculative portraits of various dead musical legends, using CGI technology to figure out how they’d look now if they hadn’t died young. They partnered with the Michigan company Phojoe who used the same technology that they use to make advanced-age photos of missing persons, thus unearthing the mindboggling truth that these legends would look basically like they looked before they died, except with old-people clothes. As you see above, the 46-year-old Kurt Cobain would look almost exactly like 27-year-old Kurt Cobain, except with a few extra wrinkles and a bad goatee and a Dax-Shepard-on-Parenthood haircut. (This is pretty much how the non-Vedder members of Pearl Jam look now, so it checks out.) Also, Bob Marley would look awesome, we would be concerned about Jimi Hendrix’s health, and Elvis’s entire look would become “Bill Clinton with weird scars.” Check out the rest of the portraits here, and share my disappointment at the lack of Pac and Biggie.