Ex Hex – “What Kind Of Monster” (Slant 6 Cover)

Time to play D.C. punk family tree: Before she led Helium or traded guitar solos with Carrie Brownstein in Wild Flag, Mary Timony was a member of the short-lived, badass Dischord band Autoclave. Christina Billotte, Timony’s Autoclave bandmate, went on to form Slant 6, who, for a few mid-’90s minutes, were absolutely the coolest band on the face of the earth. Timony now has a new band called Ex Hex, and we posted their great debut single “Hot & Cold” a couple of months ago. And now Ex Hex have released a tough, zero-bullshit cover of Slant 6’s 1993 single “What Kind Of Monster,” a nugget from that coolest-band-in-the-world era. Listen to the Ex Hex version below.

(via Rookie, where you can also read a cool interview with Timony)

Ex Hex’s debut album is out next year on Merge. Shout out to that part in The Wolverine where someone actually asks Wolverine “What kind of monster are you?,” thus getting this song stuck in my head for the entire rest of the movie.